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Full Blood count (FBC)
Full blood count determines general health status. It is used as a screen for a variety of disorders, such as anaemia and infection, inflammation nutritional status and exposure to toxic substances.

Anticardiolipin anibodies
Tests for cardiolipin antibodies are useful in finding the cause of an unexplained thrombotic episode, recurrent miscarriage, or thrombocytopenia. In women it they may be linked and requested with recurrent miscarriages. They may also be requested with lupus anticoagulant testing to help investigate the cause of a prolonged PTT (activated partial thromboplastin time), especially if clinical findings suggest that the patient may have SLE or another autoimmune disorder. If these test results are normal but clinical suspicions still exist, further cardiolipin antibody testing may be requested.

Prothrombin time (PT)
The Prothrombin time (PT) test, standardised as the INR test is most often used to check how well anti-coagulant or "blood-thinning" tablets such as warfarin and phenindione are working. Anti-coagulant tablets help prevent the formation of blood clots (they do not "thin the blood" as is popularly thought). This is particularly important in people with heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation or artificial valves, or people with a history of recurrent blood clots. The drug's effectiveness can be determined by how much it prolongs the PT (measured in seconds), or increases the INR (a standardised ratio of the patient's PT versus a normal sample). Because the way the body metabolises the drug varies among individuals as well as within the same person every day a repeat test has to be done approximately every 4 weeks to ensure that the dose of the drug is the correct one, for the condition treated.

Blood Clotting Evaluation
Each component of the coagulation cascade must be functioning properly and be present in sufficient quantity for normal blood clot formation. If there is an inherited or acquired deficiency in one or more of the factors, or if the factors are functioning abnormally, then stable clot formation will be inhibited and excessive bleeding and/or clotting may occur.

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Full Blood Count (FBC)

Cardiolipin Antibodies

Prothrombin Time PT

Factor V Leiden

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