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The purpose of laboratory testing is to aid clinical diagnosis. Test selection depends largely on the clinical purpose for testing. It may be for screening, case finding, monitoring the course of a disease, determining drug levels and the effectiveness of therapy. Appropriate diseases for screening should be sufficiently prevalent, detectable by tests of sufficient sensitivity and specificity with high predictive value and susceptible to available therapy that can prevent, ameliorate, or delay the onset of disease. Common examples of conditions for screening in asymptomatic persons include cholesterol disorders, diabetes, HIV testing and other sexually transmissible diseases as well as cytology for cervical cancer.

The purpose of this web site is to aid the individual without expert medical knowledge in obtaining some insight about common medical problems utilizing laboratory testing. It can also reduce the time to diagnosis. In case of transmissible disease it can potentially prevent further transmission.

The website also addresses the need of total privacy not requiring patient details in order to process a sample. This was purposely done as even in today’s advanced societies some tests in particularly those related to sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are avoided due to fears of being stigmatized.

The web site is not a substitute of a clinical consultation and abnormal test results should always be discussed with a physician. This website is not a substitute for clinical judgment and basic medical knowledge.

No need to become a member

Step 1: Choose your tests.

Step 2:  Select the location and the time that suits you for sample donation, from the available slots on the website.

Step 3:  Pay online with a valid credit card. Create your personal account to access your requisition form and results. There is no need to provide personal details unless you need a prescription.

Step 4:  Access your results online. Print your requisition form or make note of the unique access code to have with you at the stdconfidential associated collection site.
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