Hepatitis A Profile

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More About Hepatitis A Profile

Infection with a virus. There are currently five known viruses A,B,C,D and E. Only viruses B (HBV) and C HCV cause chronic hepatitis. Hepatitis D and E are rare in developed counties..

Hepatitis A: Faecal, oral.
Hepatitis B,C,D,E: Sexual, direct contact (blood) with infected individual.

Markers to diagnose acute infection: HBsAg, Anti-HBc, IgM, Anti-HCV RNA.
Markers to diagnose chronic infection: HBsAg, HBV DNA, HBeAg, Anti-HBe, Anti-HCV, HCV RNA.
Markers to detect previous infection: Anti-HBs, Anti-HBc total, Anti-HCV.

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Hepatitis A IgM

Hepatitis A Total Antibodies

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